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We meet on the first Thursday of each month from Sept.-May at 6pm, usually in the AHS Library.  Click on the button below to share your contact information with us and you will always know what is happening with AHS Drama!
Upcoming shows

July 26,2014-Footloose

Fall 2014-Romeo and Juliet
Past Performances

Spring 2014-Young Frankenstein 
Fall 2013-You Can’t Take It With You
Spring 2012-Fiddler on the Roof

The AHS Drama Boosters were formed in 2002 to assist the Theatre Arts Department with additional funding and support to create a more successful and stable Theatre program.  

Supporters of the AHS Drama Boosters believe that a successful Theatre program creates opportunities for students to grow in confidence while they discover their talents, as well as opportunities to learn important values, such as respect for themselves and others (including youth and adult leaders), hard work, teamwork and commitment to a worthy cause.  

Because we work with youth, we recognize that we are looked to as an example by our students.  We strive to continuously improve as individuals, so that we will be positive role models for the students.

We conduct fundraisers, large and small, throughout the year.  In addition, we use volunteer hours from our members to provide services to the students and the program they wouldn't otherwise receive.  We use our resources for the following purposes:

  1. To help offset production costs (such as sets, props, new equipment, etc.)

  2. To provide printed programs for the two main shows

  3. To provide snacks and meals to the students during long rehearsals and shows

  4. To help with costumes, promotions, transportation, and many other details

  5. To provide scholarship money for graduating seniors seeking higher education

Anyone can be a booster.  We have no dues.  We have monthly meetings throughout the  school year and all are encouraged to participate.  Any help you can provide, whether monetary, in-kind donations, or the giving of your time and talents, will help provide the kind of positive experience we are seeking for our students.  We welcome you to the AHS Theatre Arts Department and look forward to your participation in the Drama Boosters.


Our Mission

Become a Boosterhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/1O8X60s3LSVxuK3nhP3aYaeFM1VQFA5TYbsm24zbSd8Q/viewform
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