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Eikhof Design Group has provided design services street projects for the City of Guadalupe since 2014. The projects include an annual slurry seal project and annual pavement rehabilitation projects. The rehabilitation projects include the removal and replacement of ADA curb ramps that are not compliant with current standards. Measure A, Gas Tax, and SB1 fund street projects in Guadalupe. Eikhof Design Group manages all projects completed with these funding sources.

4th street guadelupe picture from west e

Eikhof Design Group provided engineering design services to the City of Atascadero for the Three Bridges Oak Preserve Trailhead.  The design had several challenges, including a blue-line stream crossing, widening of an existing street with retaining walls, preservation of existing trees, inclusion of a fire access road to Highway 41, and implementation of low impact design elements for drainage.  The trailhead parking area includes handicap parking and horse trailer parking.  The trail system, which includes nearly 4 miles of very well marked pathways, was created by and is maintained by the Atascadero Land Preservation Society (ALPS).  A dedication ceremony was held on Friday, September 8, 2017, where Eikhof Design Group was recognized for its work, along with countless others.

three bridges sign.jpg

Eikhof Design Group was approached by the City of Arroyo Grande to help get an ambitious Eagle Scout project completed.  Riley Betita took on a huge project which included the construction of a new playground at the Heritage Square Park in Arroyo Grande.  Jeff van den Eikhof, who is also a Eagle Scout and executive for a local Boy Scout Troop, gladly helped.  The work included providing grading plans and field layout of the playground.  The work had to be completed in a couple of days to ensure the project was completed on time.  The final project came out beautifully.  Riley and all the scout and adult volunteers for the project did a great job.

eagle scout project completed playground

The Guadalupe Water Valve and ADA Ramp Replacement project was done it preparation for the 2017 Pavement Rehabilitation Project.  This project removed and replaced 30 ADA curb ramps that did not meet current regulations.  The project also replaced 12 aging water valves.  The 2017 Pavement Rehabilitation Project was to be a pulverization project.  We want to make sure that all of the infrastructure was in good condition before rehabilitation the street surface.

guadalupe water valve 4.jpg

The Heritage Park Restroom project was years in the making. Prior to this project, there were no restrooms in Heritage Square Park. The City of Arroyo  Grande wanted a pre-manufactured restroom that fit into the character of the old downtown. This was quite a challenge and took a lot of work by the contractor, S. Chavez Construction, in coordination with the building manufacturer.  All of the structural elements of the building are concrete, including the roof shingles and siding.  Eikhof Design Group provided site design and construction management for the project. The building, which weighed around 60,000 lbs had to be craned into the location. The project includes ADA accessibility and should last for a long time.

heritage park 17.jpg

Eikhof Design Group provided development review services for the Enos Ranchos Development in Santa Maria, CA.  This 113 acre development includes stores, an auto mall, apartments, park, and future school site.  All of the public improvement plans and development plans were reviewed by Eikhof Design Group.  Plans were reviewed for many stores including Lowe's, Costco, Coast Hills Credit Union, Chick-Fil-A, and numerous others.  All plan reviews were expedited to accommodate the needs of the developers.

santa maria development review 8.jpg

The City of Guadalupe partnered with the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) in improving two rail crossings.  UPRR was going to complete work on the at grade crossings, and the City took the opportunity to make needed repairs.  Eikhof Design Group provided all of the engineering and coordination for this project.

guadalupe railroad crossing 1.jpg

Eikhof Design Group designed all of the sidewalk and hardscape improvements around the historic City Hall building in Atascadero.  The project completed the work on the newly repaired historic City Hall building that was damaged during the San Simeon Earthquake.

city hall.jpg

The El Camino Real Enhancement Project was designed by Jeff van den Eikhof while he worked for the City of Atascadero.  The project was made up of two phases and included work around the Carlton Hotel and the Sunken Gardens.  The work included medians, sidewalks, a raised crosswalk, bulb outs, decorative planters, new decorative street lighting, pavers, and other amenities.

el camino 6.jpg

In 2006, a group of Veterans spearheaded an effort to construct a memorial in Atascadero. Originally, the plan was to construct the memorial in the newly completed Sunken Gardens. Jeff van den Eikhof was opposed to this location but supported the construction of a Veterans Memorial in Atascadero. After a contentious Parks and Recreation meeting where the project was proposed, Jeff approached Colonel Bill Hatch and offered to donate his engineering services, if a different suitable location was found. Jeff suggested the corner of Highway 41 and Portola Avenue. The location was approved by the City, and Jeff worked on getting all of the necessary engineering work completed. He worked closely with the artist Mark Greenaway to ensure all the elements worked together. Eikhof Design Group donated over $25,000 worth of engineering services and secured the donated work of two other engineering firms for geotechnical work and electrical design. The Atascadero Veterans Memorial is one of the premier memorials this side of the Mississippi.


The Atascadero Sunken Gardens is considered by many to be the jewel of Atascadero.  The Sunken Gardens perfectly frames the historic City Hall building.  The Sunken Gardens is used year round for numerous community events.  Prior to its current configuration, there were no exterior or interior sidewalks - grass went right up to the street and around the fountain.  The project included the construction of sidewalks and walkways, bulbouts on El Camino Real, new lighting, planters, and decorative pavers.  Several community meetings were held to craft a vision of the downtown area, and various design elements from this project have now been implemented throughout the downtown core of Atascadero.  The Sunken Gardens was designed by Jeff van den Eikhof while he was the Deputy Director of Public Works for the City of Atascadero.


Eikhof Design Group provided all of the engineering design services for the Atascadero Lake Park Frontage Improvement Project.  The project included curbs, pathways, fencing, signs, and decorative features.

lake park.jpg

Eikhof Design Group provided engineering design services for the City of Pismo Beach for a drainage improvement project.  The project included removal and replacement of an aging drainage pipe and structure that exited on the beach.

pismo beach 7.jpg

While working as an Associate Civil Engineer for the City of San Luis Obispo from 1998 to 2001, Jeff van den Eikhof acted as the Resident Engineer for the Higuera Bridge Reconstruction Project. The Higuera Bridge is actually hidden from view, but is located under Higuera Street in downtown San Luis Obispo. The General Contractor for the work was Madonna Construction. The pictures on this website were taken by Jeff and serve as a record of those construction activities.

higuera 56.jpg

Jeff van den Eikhof worked closely with artist Jim Jacobson to provide necessary engineering design for his artwork, which is located throughout California.

Public Art 3.jpg

Eikhof Design Group prepare plans, specifications, and estimates for the Santos Field ADA Ramp Accessibility Project. The project was funded by a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). Eikhof Design Group also provided engineering services throughout the Sports Complex for various other projects that improved ADA accessibility throughout the park.

Santos Field ADA Ramp Accessibility

As supporters of the arts in San Luis Obispo North County, Eikhof Design Group has teamed up with the Templeton High School Drama Boosters to provide fundraising through cotton candy sales.  Eikhof Design Group built a cotton candy cart and provides all of the supplies including the canopy, banners, signs, sugars, glow cones, generator, and manpower.  The cotton candy stand has been seen at the Templeton Fourth of July Celebration, Templeton Founder's Day, Atascadero Colony Days, Atascadero Winter Wonderland, and other locations.  Some events have generated over $3,000 in donations.


Eikhof Design Group has also donated all of the supplies for a movie night for Parents for Joy, a non-profit group dedicated to creating an all inclusive park in Atascadero for handicap children.  The movie night included supplying cotton candy, popcorn, movie projector, screen, and speakers.


Eikhof Design Group also donated all of the supplies, equipment, and manpower for a Sixth Grade Science Camp fundraiser for the Atascadero Fine Arts Academy.

community fundraising 9.jpg
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