Eikhof Design Group provides civil engineering services for public agencies, private individuals, and businesses.  The following is a partial list of the services offered:

  • Municipal Engineering

  • Capital Improvement Projects

  • Development Review

  • Construction Management

  • Inspection

  • Peer Review

  • Stormwater Compliance

  • Roadways

  • Playgrounds

  • Parks

  • Grading and Drainage Plans

  • Site Plans

  • Foundation and Retaining Wall Design

In 2012, Jeff van den Eikhof and several other consultants created the Consortium of Local Independent Consultants (CLIC).  CLIC had about 15 related small businesses that collaborated on projects.  Although CLIC no longer functions, Eikhof Design Group has maintained these relationships with other civil engineers, structural engineers, architects, planners, biologists, surveyors, construction managers, and inspectors.  For services that Eikhof Design Group does not provide in house, we have a vast resource of small businesses that can fill any engineering related need.